I always say I'm not a binge watcher, yet when I get the chance, I go for it.

Apparently this week I had the chance. I managed to watch all six hours of 'Gilmore Girls' in less than 48 hours with adequate sleep and a full work day yesterday.

I had way more than 13 thoughts, but these seemed the most pressing.

  1. How do you actually spell Lorelai? Loralei? Lorelei?
  2. How old is Alexis Bledel? She's 35. Lauren Graham is 49. The actress who plays Lane is 43, Luke is 58, Paris is 39, Logan is 39.
  3. Did Michel have a nose job?
  5. I really wish they would've shown the Wookie Rory slept with.
  6. Why did it take so long for Rory to take over the paper? That was a waste of three whole minutes.
  7. Yeah, I think I missed a few seasons, who are those three guys dancing around like Nutcrackers with Rory and Logan?
  8. No! Do not show Sookie for one second in the hiking scene. That was dumb.
  9. When did Emily become my favorite Gilmore Girl?
  10. That's totally Diane and Old Lulu from General Hospital!
  11. Aww she finally got the right size picture of Richard... but what happened to the giant one?
  12. Why did they wake up Lane for the wedding but no one called Jess?
  13. I think I might be Rory Gilmore. Minus the whole pregnant part.