Here's something you probably don't know about me- I've spent a lot of time in county courthouses; specifically for some major traffic violations (driving after revocation at least six times if we're being really specific).  So, you can imagine, when I had to attend traffic court for the first time in about ten years today, I had some expectations.

To my surprise, traffic court in Winnebago County was a breeze compared to what I was used to back in Minnesota.  Maybe I just got lucky and today was not your average day, but I was very pleased with my first court appearance experience.

Based on my past experience, there were some things I wasn't expecting to see today; I'd be curious to know if this is what it's like all the time.

Here are four things I didn't expect to see at the Winnebago County courthouse.


  • 1

    No Lines

    When I arrived at the courthouse around 1:05, there was no line to get through security. I put my metal items, phone and keys in the blue; plastic tray, walked through the metal detector and was on my way in a matter of seconds.

  • 2

    The Coroner

    I didn't exactly see it, but I felt a little uneasy when I saw signs directing me to traffic court and the coroner's office; are you really that close to death? I've never seen the two in the same building, let alone the same corridor.

  • 3

    An Empty Court Room

    Maybe I got lucky because my court appearance was scheduled at 1:30, but even on a Monday, I was expecting the courtroom to be filled with people. Is this normal? Not complaining, it was just weird. There was about 10 people total.

  • 4

    People in Sweatpants

    Not judging, but I was surprised people showed up to court in sweat pants. Yes, I know it's just traffic court, but I thought for sure there was some kind of dress code; I almost wore a dress. It's just what I'm used to.