If it's one thing I've learned about Cubs fans over the last couple of months it's that they are one passionate group of people who've been through a lot; they're tired and anxious and they're ready for their team to just win it all. Sure there will be other seasons and plenty of other opportunities for the Cubs to bring home the pennant, but some life-long fans just can't wait any longer.

Fans like Jim Schlegel. According to Fox 32 Chicago, Schlegel was at the Cubs' World Series back in 1945, and now he's hoping to go to another one with a little help from the internet.

Schelgel isn't the only one who's turned to GoFundMe in hopes of having his World Series dream come true (you can  reach his page here); with ticket prices ranging from $2,000 for standing room only to nearly $100,000 for seats behind home plate, several others are hoping that their Cubs story will tug on the heart strings of sports lovers, no matter what team your cheering for, and get them to donate a buck or two to make their dream come true.

Out of curiosity, I went to GoFundMe to see just how many Cubs fans had started a campaign and it was a fairly good amount. I read through their stories and tried to imagine what it would be like to feel so passionately about someone...or something; to love something that much that you would seek the kindness of strangers to make it happen for  you. It was very touching. I wish I loved something that much.

With that said, I chose 4 other loyal Cubs fans who could use your help getting to the World Series. Confession: it was not an easy choice, I want all the grandmas and grandpas to go.