The entire month of February seems devoted to couples in love. A fact your single self can't escape. These movies will remind you how awesome it is to be single.


War Of The Roses

As a single person, you won't have this horrific break-up.


The Babadook

A widow struggles to cope with the death of her husband and her son's crazy behavior. In spite of some of the disturbing stuff you'll see on the screen, this movie is about the sacrifices we make for the love of family. Be prepared to sleep with the lights on.


First Wives Club

Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn hatch great schemes to get back at all of their exes after reuniting after the death of a friend.


A sexless marriage, a hot affair.... and a murder. Be glad you're none of the 3.


Waiting To Exhale

Call your other single friends, grab several bottles of wine and some enormous dessert item. You'll each decide which one of your squad is which character in the movie. You'll also start deciding which one of your ex's are like the male characters.