As with every Green Bay packer fan, I was hoping for a VERY different outcome for the NFC Championship game. But these made the final score easier to swallow.

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Here are the 5 things that made today's loss more bearable:

1. I was at my friend Jason's eating amazing smoked pork and mac n cheese. My stomach was so happy it counter acted the anger going on in my brain.

2. My girlfriend put on a Packer jersey for me. Anyone who knows her knows that she's a die hard Bears fan, so this meant a lot.

*Special note*

She would not allow me to take a picture of her wearing that jersey.

3. Church had me on such a high that nothing could have brought me down. If you haven't checked out this Jesus thing but are curious, I'm personally inviting you to come to Rockford First next week. If you haven't heard, Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross is going to be there speaking on faith, family and success.

4. It was an unbelievably gorgeous weekend for the middle of January. I loved being outside without my coat on. In fact, I got to watch the game on a giant projector screen in my friend's garage. Felt like I was in a movie theater.

5. Lemonade (and vodka).

Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons who are now on their way to Super Bowl 51.

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