Byron is one of the finalists in the 2017 Small Town Showdown. Here are some cool facts that show why Byron deserves your vote.

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    Albert Goodwill Spalding birthplace

    A pitcher and manager in the early days of professional baseball (1871-1878). He started a trend when he began wearing a baseball glove. This led to him opening a sporting goods store and eventually co-founding the A.G. Spaulding Sporting Goods Company. He's also credited with writing the first set of official baseball rules

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    Byron Nuclear Plant

    Byron is home to one of the last nuclear power plants commissioned in the U.S.. The plant generates enough electricity to power over 2 million homes. The cooling towers are 475 feet tall and can be seen from many miles away.

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    Birthplace of a Super Bowl winner

    Byron High School graduate Sean Considine was a safety for the 2013 Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens.

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    Birthplace of a World War I & II Brigadier General

    Francis K. Newcomer, born in 1889, was a highly decorated officer in the United States Army, serving in both World Wars. His father was also a Brigadier General. Francis graduated from Westpoint in 1913. From 1948-1952 he was the Governor of the Panama Canal Zone.

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    Oldest Testicle Eating Festival in the U.S.

    While there are many animal testicle festivals in the United States, the Turkey Testicle Festival in Byron is the longest running. Byron's first festival was in 1979.

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