It's not quite the holiday season when these aren't on the menu.

After a snowy and cold weekend, it was nice to see something awesome brighten up the beginning of the work week.

It started when I noticed a story on Delish mentioning the famed "Holiday Pies" are coming back.

Well, with only a few weeks before Christmas, it was time to figure out if they are indeed in the Rockford area.

A quick phone call to the McDonald's location on E. State confirmed what I was hoping. Yes, the Holiday Pies are back and of course, only for a limited time.

However, when asked if other locations in the area were serving the pies too, the person on the other end couldn't confirm or deny the question.

So be aware, your mileage may vary in regards to finding other local holiday pie selling McDonald's locations, but we know of one and that's all you really need to get through the holidays.