The GoFundMe wasn't created because the guys in *NSYNC need the money, it's for a different reason altogether.

Lyndsi Leek created the GoFundMe in hopes of generating enough cash to help the boy banders purchase a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The GoFundMe goal was set for $30,000 which is exactly what you would need to pay to procure a spot on the iconic sidewalk.

Thing is, the *NSYNC GoFundMe has made almost $6,500. While it has a ways to go, it also appears that they might not need the money.


According to Time, "Typically the recording label or movie studio will foot the bill." It does mention that other celebs like Liza Minelli had fan clubs secure the funding for the star.

That's the difference. We're talking about Justin Timberlake here. Not Liza Minelli. I don't think getting the $30K to get the star together will be an issue. Weird thing is, people continue to donate to the *NSYNC GoFundMe.

Clemens Bilan, Getty Images

The nearly five month old account continues to receive donations, most recently as two weeks ago.

What do you think? Does *NSYNC need the money to get the star for the Walk of Fame?