Dear Snow,

You came on a Sunday and left me on a Tuesday. You only gave me 2 days of joy. What a tease you were. I looked forward to you coming for months. Finally you graced me with your beautiful, white, fluffy awesomeness... only to disappear two days later.


I don't even know what to say to you right now. Yes, I'm casting shade on you. And no, I don't care that you will be back again soon. I just wasn't ready to part with you yet. Neither was my daughter, who is so upset with you that she can't even talk. You have a mind of your own though I suppose. Just remember, next time that you decide to make an appearance and get us all excited, stay a little longer, will you please? It's the least you can do after I so carefully removed you from my driveway and placed you ever so gently in the grass for my daughter to play with. We even rolled you into 3 giant balls, stacked them on top of one another and called him Floyd.

Next time, don't melt so easily. Be a team player.

With much respect,

Steve Shannon, a snow-loving Rockfordian.

P.S. (Cue up some Bing please) I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...