The one thing I've been saying about Cubs fans throughout the playoff season and the World Series is that I love how much you love this team; your loyalty, compassion and devotion is unlike anything I've ever seen.

However, I do believe that some people can take their fandom a little too far, I'm talking to you- people who are doing "trust falls" from traffic lights outside Wrigley Field.  What were you thinking?

I'd also like to ask that question to the Cubs fan who really tried to capitalize on the Cubs championship win by selling something truly unique on Ebay. According to NBC Chicago, Ebay seller, malkour0, was selling a "Bag of Air From the 2016 World Series Cubs Win Championship."

Either the item sold or he took it down over online criticism because I had to see this for myself and it's no longer there.  If it did actually sell, it didn't go for as much as he was hoping; NBC Chicago says as of Saturday (November 5th) there were 15 bids and the highest bid was $20.50.


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