In case you missed it, earlier this week the intersection of Orth and Beloit Roads near Belvidere was finally turned into a four way stop.

Aslyn Rae via Facebook

The intersection has seen it's share of accidents, 64 total since 2011; and after an accident caused a bus full of kids to rollover there, the people of Caledonia and Belvidere Townships wanted to make a change.

Another person from Belvidere, Richard Messling, would also like to make a change and make his neighborhood a little bit safer; that's why, according to WIFR, he had a custom-made sign of his own that he put up in his yard that tells drivers to well..."slow the hell down...please."


While I find it hilarious, the State's Attorney did not and gave Messling a warning- remove the word "hell" or take the sign down within 7 days.  No word on if he plans on taking it down, but I bet his wife and neighbors are saying, "I told you so."