Autumn Vermett has big dreams. One day, she hopes to be like gold medal winning gymnast Aly Raisman. Until then, Autumn needs to settle for dressing like her for on Halloween.

It would be a tough to pull off something like this without an awesomely creative mom, and Autumn's mother, Cara, was up to the task.

According to Cara Vermett's Instagram, she is a "preschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom."

A creative mom and a very will participant like Autumn turned these pictures into some serious Halloween gold.

Autumn's spot-on impressions ended up also catching Raisman's eye who posted a collage of the photos on Halloween followed by "Yaaaaaas cutie!!!" The picture currently has 167,000 likes on Instagram.

Autumn and both of her parents ended up getting in on the act too. This time, Cara and her husband Patrick, played the roles of the anxious Aly Raisman parents, Lynn and Rick.

If you remember the famed lean back and to the side move that both Raisman's parents did at the 2016 Olympics in Rio you'll get the joke.

In one Instagram post, Vermett says:

She (Autumn) has a life goal already because of Aly and she hopes to be a part of the 2028 Olympics."

Who knows, 12 years from now young girls across the country might be dressing like Autumn Vermett for Halloween.

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