From adorable, chubby little boys to multi-talented performers, the proof is here. Bruno Mars and host of The Steve Shannon Show were separated at birth.

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The uncanny resemblance... the afros, the chubby cheeks, the smiles, the afros, the flashy clothes, the dance moves, and the afros is only the beginning.

  • Bruno Mars began his performance career as an Elvis impersonator.
  • Steve Shannon consoled his mother in the driveway the day Elvis died.

  • Bruno was born in Hawaii.
  • Steve ate a lot of Spam as a child (nobody eats more Spam in America than Hawaiians).

  • Bruno plays 4 musical instruments.
  • Steve plays 6 musical instruments (if you count the recorder and the kazoo).

  • Bruno has 4 talented sisters.
  • Steve has a sister with more talent than 100 women.

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  • Bruno loves Michael Jackson.
  • Steve's childhood was saved by Michael Jackson.

  • Bruno wrote a song called Gorilla.
  • Steve has so much chest hair he looks like a gorilla.

  • Bruno sells out arenas.
  • Steve has been to many sold out arenas.

  • Bruno 'Mars' got his last name from women saying he was "out of this world."
  • Steve giggles every time somebody says Uranus.

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