The locker room, the dugout, on the field and off, David Ross shared his story of faith, family, a near tragedy and success. And how he got the nickname 'Grandpa Rossy.'

David Ross was the guest speaker today (January 29) at City First Church, formerly Rockford First. Pastor Jeremy DeWeerdt introduced David to a crowd of over a 2000 and the applause was so thunderous that David jokingly asked if he could walk out again. Pastor Jeremy and David sat in chairs and then a video of the last out of World Series Game 7 played on the giant screen and again the crowd went nuts.

David's baseball story is even more incredible when you know how he came to be a Chicago Cub. His dedication to his teammates and his family are quite an inspiration. He shared how his life was transformed in 2012, and a near family tragedy that rocked his family to the core. His faith didn't waver and God even found a way to reward his faith in a couple unimaginable ways, as you'll hear. See David's entire conversation with Pastor Jeremy by clicking HERE. It will only be available to watch until Sunday, February 5.

After the service, I had a chance to ask David Ross just one question that was on my mind. If you ever wonder how it is that God speaks to, what happened when I asked David my question is one of those ways. Let me give you a little backstory first. During the most difficult Summer of my life I realized that I'm struggling because I put myself in control instead of letting God work it out. I recommitted my life to God this Summer and his love has transformed me in many beautiful ways. Often I find myself crying and I can tell the tears are not from sadness, but it is from somewhere unfamiliar. I asked one of the pastors at my church, and this is what he said:


I tell you this for two reasons; first is because I want you to find the same peace and love I've found and second, because you won't believe how David Ross answered my one and only question in the video below.

David Ross is a class act. And thanks for the hug Grandpa Rossy.

TSM via YouTube