Almost two months after losing his wedding ring at Wrigley Field, Tommy Poreda never expected to see it again. Spoiler alert: he did.

You can say 2016 was the worst for the terrible celebrity deaths, the politics, and the disgusting amount of violence, but, at least when it came to sports, 2016 wasn't too terrible.

Tommy Poreda got the chance to go to World Series Game 4 in late October, you remember that game... it was a rough loss. It was more than a lost game for Tommy, it was also when he lost his wedding ring.

He searched and searched but Tommy never found the ring at the game.

But someone else did, Mark Stephens.

Mark is a season ticket holder who was sitting near Tommy that night. He watched as Tommy looked for the ring and had no idea he would later find it in his souvenir bag.

Here's where the story gets tricky. Mark found the ring when he got home from the game but had no idea who Tommy was or how to contact him!

Fast forward two months and a Cubs usher made the ring return occur, just in time for Christmas.

The full story was reported by the Chicago Sun Times and it really is a great read as we remember the only positive big story of 2016.

Don't forget to read the part about his new baby, Ryne!