Rockford businesses are the best, but who is the best of the best? Your votes decided.

So maybe voting for President wasn't your favorite thing to do this week, but that's why we gave you the 'Today's Best' Awards!

You nominated these local businesses, and we left the voting up to you, too.

A huge congratulations to our ten winners and we hope to see even more businesses on the list next year.

'Today's Best' Award Winners

'Today's Best' Bar - Rookie's Pub & Grill

'Today's Best' Breakfast - Johnny Pamcakes

'Today's Best' Ice Cream  - Dairyhaus

'Today's Best' Asian Restaurant - Marc's Fusion Café

'Today's Best' Mexican Restaurant - Mi Ranchito

'Today's Best' Burger - Corner Grill

'Today's Best' Pizza - Joey G's

'Today's Best' Gym - Maximum Performance

'Today's Best' Salon - Twisted Scissors

'Today's Best' Coffee - Rockford Roasting Company


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