This week just keeps getting better.

If you thought you wanted to stay home from work today, you'll probably want to do that tomorrow, too.

The Cubs have announced that their Victory Parade and Rally will be tomorrow beginning at Wrigley Field.

So pretty much, leave now if you want to see the parade in person, and get ready for another unproductive work day if you'll be watching it on TV or streaming it at your desk.

According to DNA Info, the parade will start at Wrigley Field and go down Michigan Avenue ending in Grant Park.

My heart is still racing thinking about the excitement from last night that will probably turn to tears tomorrow when I watch the parade.

That's big, I don't cry, but it's the Cubs!

We're getting a parade and rally, but there's also talk of dying the Chicago River Cubbie blue.

The festivities will begin at 10 a.m., with the rally starting at noon.