You've probably never thought about it this way because a presidential campaign only happens every four years, but this year, the election and the Halloween sort of go hand-in-hand. How so? Well, dead people could be voting from beyond the grave.

Sounds just as bizarre as the actual election, right? Well it is, unless your Donald Trump, who assumes this election is obviously rigged; but it is possible for dead people to vote, it's just very, very illegal.

Last year, according to WJBC, 17 Illinois counties had dead people registered to vote, which means it's quite possible that someone who's been dead since 1988 may have voted in the last election or very well could vote in this year's election because a living person fraudulently cast a ballot in that person's name. But why?

The reasons vary, according to Slate, but I think what's more important here is who the dead people are that are voting. If they were alive, would we want them to cast a vote and who would they vote for?

I can't tell you who they are, but I can tell you what deceased Illinosians I wish were still with us so they could cast their ballot this November 8th.

[H/T 99!9 The Point]