Everybody could use some extra cash during the holidays and Disney is looking for people who might be interested.

They are looking for part time work from home reps that can assist guests with their purchases.

The best part is, if you live in Illinois you already have head start on the competition. Disney is only looking for reps in 7 states according to ABC 7 Chicago.

Illinois along with Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Nevada, and Mississippi made the list.

Only two requirements to be considered for employment, a high school diploma and a computer with a high speed internet connection. That's it.

ABC 7 in Chicago also says, "This cast member position requires a flexible schedule that may require you to take call-in shifts during evening, holiday and weekend hours."

There you have it. Pretty simple work actually. If you are a people person this might be the job for you. You work from home, answering customer questions. If you feel you can pull this off during the holidays check out Disney Careers.


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