You know what I love about mornings? Breakfast; more specifically, breakfast food. Bright, yellow fluffy eggs, golden brown toast, light; airy pancakes, thick applewood smoked bacon, crispy hash browns and ice cream.  **record scratch** Hold up; ice cream?

If a pint of Blue Bunny or Ben and Jerry's wasn't on your list of breakfast faves, it should be. According to The Telegraph, Japanese scientists have discovered that eating ice cream when you get out of bed in the morning can make you smarter saying, "ice cream for breakfast improves a person's alertness and mental performance."

Here's how they figured it out: test scores. A professor found that people who ate ice cream right after they got out of bed tested better on mental exercises than those who didn't eat ice cream.

Nutritionists don't exactly agree on this theory, but I think Japan's conclusion is justification enough to start the day with some of Rockford's best ice cream from the Dairy Depot, Union Dairy, the Local Dough Cafe or the Dairyhaus.

Yes, I know most of these places are closed for the season, but Dairyhaus will re-open this weekend, December 2nd and 3rd, for the Rockton Christmas Walk. Make sure to get just enough so you can have it for breakfast the next morning.