She's been talking about it for weeks, practicing for days and has been wearing her "Santa suit red" dress for pajamas all in preparation for her school's annual holiday concert.

That "she" is your little girl and you've been waiting in anticipation for the cold, winter evening that her and her classmates bunch together on three small platforms; filled with nerves and excitement, to sing the songs of the holidays.

You spend a few moments before the show, encouraging her and telling her she'll do great; then you pray to yourself that she doesn't vomit, forget her lines or suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. You send her off with her friends backstage and wait patiently for the show to begin.

Little did you know, it would be your daughter who would be the star of the show. Well, maybe you did, because it's no secret that she gets all of her dance moves from you; she really is her mother's daughter. Much like Haylei, who just couldn't hold back her enthusiasm during Jones Farrar Magnet School's holiday concert this week. She's the one in the red dress and black vest.

I spoke to Haylei's uncle, who shared the video, and he says Haylei and her classmates were singing a song in Spanish; I asked if she was always this awesome and that's when mom chimed in saying, "Yes, yes she is."

Work it, Haylei.