Illinois can be a scary place, just ask the 47% of the population who desperately want to flee the state for greener pastures.

So what's the problem anyway? Is it the high crime rates? Scandalous politicians? Lack of a state budget?

According to a new poll of registered Illinois voters, the top four things that people cite for wanting to leave are state taxes, weather, the government and jobs and education; in that order. where in that poll did people mention anything about Zombie Lincoln. Say what? I can only imagine that Zombie Lincoln is Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead to help right all that's wrong with the upcoming election? I'm not exactly sure, but according to Pleated-Jeans, the scariest thing in Illinois is Zombie Lincoln.


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I suppose it could be worse; at least we aren't afraid cheese heads, invading Canadians or college linebackers.

[H/T 99!9 The Point]