Kris Bryant was hanging with Jimmy Kimmel last night and he shared a bunch of info about his upcoming wedding.

The Cubs are everywhere and Cubs fans are loving it.

Just last night a few of the Cubs were on Jimmy Fallon cracking jokes, but dreamy Kris Bryant was on with Jimmy Kimmel.

Bryant is getting married in January to his long time girlfriend, Jessica, and Kimmel asked him about the wedding.

We learned that all of his teammates are invited to the wedding, but one of them would actually be standing by his side as a groomsman, Anthony Rizzo.

Collective, "awwwwwwwww, they're really the besties we want them to be!"

We also learned that Cubs fans (who are actual strangers to Bryant) have been buying gifts off of his wedding registries for the engaged couple.

Too funny.

Bryant was on with Kimmel for quite a while and discussed the World Series rain delay, growing up playing baseball, fan reactions to the big win.

He also got to meet one of those big Cubs fan who was caught crying on TV.