Ariyah Rovinski appears to be your typical, happy-go-lucky, sweet, fun-loving 7-year-old girl at first sight. With further inquiry, you will find out there is much more to her.

While Ariyah loves tumbling, cheer, playing with her friends, and running, she also tires very easily. You see, Ariyah has a very rare lung disease called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, or PCD. After enduring 3 years of constant coughing, pneumonia, and frequent hospital stays Ariyah and her family finally received a diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no cure. By the time she is in her twenties, she will most likely need a double lung transplant, according to

While Ariyah has friends at school, she is looking for someone like her that she can connect with. A friend who knows what it's like to feel sick, who understands what she goes through on a daily basis, and who knows its not her fault that she coughs a lot. Ariyah has composed a Facebook post explaining her condition in hopes of finding this friend. A post that has already been shared over 200 times. You can help Ariyah by sharing this post. It will literally take you a second and you could change this little girl's life for the better.

As a parent, I can not imagine my child having to deal with a critical illness. I also know I would do anything and everything in my power to make things a little bit easier for her, as Ariyah's parents have done for her. Melanie, Ariyah's mom, says that this post shows that we have not given up after 3 years, and neither should anyone else who has a sick child.