Navy Pier hosted the 14th annual Chicago Toy and Game Fair which introduced the newest and hottest toys this Christmas.


Also, the fair held the Young Inventors Challenge in which over 200 young people from as far away as Mexico gathered and brought their new ideas to the table. One lucky winner even had the chance to have their toy produced and sold at Target stores. If you are looking to be on the cool parent list with your kids this year, then I suggest you pay close attention.

According to, these are a few of the toys that are going to be on every kids Christmas wish list. I suggest you take notes, and hit the stores as soon as possible as these probably won't be on the shelves very long.

Razor 3 wheel electric scooter

Made for smaller kids to help give them an extra boost when they need it.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Go cart and drift cart all in one that does all kinds of crazy cool things.

Chicago Radio Flyer Mini Tesla

You can completely customize it from color to license plate

Virtual Reality for kids

This has been so popular with adults that companies are making a version for little people too.

Pom Pom Wow

Artistic kids will love this. They can add color to pretty much anything.

Wonder Crew

A combo of an action figure and a doll. Perfect for little boys (or girls) that love super hero's and want something soft to sleep with at night.


A cool game for two and a modern twist on the trampoline. Guaranteed to keep your kiddos busy for hours.