My mom actually bought the bag and it was on sale, but you get the idea... they were gross.

Nine months ago, Sweet Lenny and I talked about the new Caramel M&M's on the Afternoon Sleaze.

They sounded amazing. Creamy caramel covered in a perfect M&M shell.

Then, Monday night I bought some.

Michelle, Townsquare Media

I popped one in my mouth anticipating amazement.

It was not amazing.

It was a big thud of disappointment.

Michelle, Townsquare Media

There was no creaminess. Nothing that screamed smooth caramel, nope. There was basically a wad of caramel junk.

Like a ball that I couldn't chew. I spit it out and was so happy I also bought a bag of regular M&M's.

Have you tried the new caramel M&M's? Did you like them?

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