We share a lot when we sit in their chairs. A hair stylist often hears about the problems we struggle with the most. A new law will help those suffering from abuse.

A new Illinois law, and the first in the nation, requires all licensed hairstylists to get one hour of domestic abuse awareness training according to wrex.com. Being the victim of abuse is not something we talk about with just anyone. That subject, if it comes up at all, will be with someone we trust, someone who we know well. Our hairstylist is someone we see often and because of how open our conversations get with that person, they will often see and pick up on the signs of someone who is the victim of domestic abuse. The truth is, many victims don't tell anybody for a long period of time because of not knowing where to turn.

Karen Gill, vice president of operations at Remedies, a domestic violence shelter and treatment center says about stylists, "They're looking at the scalp and somebody's hair, and if somebody's hair has been pulled out, or they've got a lump on their head that's camouflaged by their hair, they have an opportunity that others don't to recognize those signs." Handling a subject like domestic violence is very difficult and this training will help stylists with providing their clients with assistance in getting away from their abusers.