If you've ever dreamed of driving around with half of Abraham Lincoln's face on the back and front of your car, you're in luck.

Because that's the word coming from Secretary of State Jesse White's office today. Starting next year, plates that are 10 years and older will be getting replaced.

They will be getting replaced with half of Abraham Lincoln's face and a silhouette of the Chicago skyline. The same goes for the state capitol building in Springfield.

Now the part most people are concerned about. Price. Well the press release doesn't say how much it will cost us to replace the plates but the reasoning behind the program makes sense.

According to the release, "The purpose of the program is to ensure – now and in the future – that older license plates on Illinois roads are replaced. License plates’ reflectivity diminishes with age, which impacts law enforcement’s ability to quickly and accurately identify license plate numbers."

The press release also states people will be notified by mail if they qualify. When "they renew their vehicle registration, they will be provided with a yellow sticker with a “T’ on it to affix to the rear license plate of their vehicle. Within 60 days they will receive their newly designed license plates in the mail with a new registration sticker already affixed to the rear license plate."