Need something to brighten your mood after game one of the World Series last night? Sure, maybe the Cubs didn't win, but they sure did twin.

Meet two of the youngest; cutest twin bear cubs who only had to wait four months to see mom and dad's favorite team make it to the World Series, Addison and Clark.

According to WGN, Scott and Amber McFarland welcomed their twins into the world the same night Kris Bryant made baseball history with his three home runs and two doubles in one game, June 27; and they're such loyal fans of the team that they named these two cuties after one of the Wrigley Field intersections. Sure beats being named after a Barry Manilow song.

Here's an idea for any other Cubs fans who are expecting twins- if you have boys, it would be so cute if you named them Bryant and Rizzo. Think about it.

What or who were you named after?