As a Minnesotan and a fan of the Wild, I am shocked and a little disappointed to see that the one team in my home state that's actually doing well would be thrown into the spotlight for violence.  I remember seeing a headline about an NHL team taking mascot violence too far and I didn't even think to click on it because I never thought it would involve the Wild or the Blackhawks.

Yes, fans are used to seeing some shots being taken and punches being thrown on the ice; but that's between the players; not the mascots.

The Wild's mascot, "Nordy" was celebrating his birthday with a few other mascots when he went to swing at a pinata, which eventually turned into a beat down on Tommy Hawk.

I'm not one who's sensitive to violence and I can see how this was meant to be funny, but many fans believe it's sending a wrong message to young fans and that I can agree with.

According to NBC Chicago, the Wild issued apology saying, ""We apologize to anyone offended by the mascot skit Thursday night. It was certainly not our intention."