Technically you can also name one after your current boyfriend or husband, but wouldn't you rather buy them a star or something?

The Bronx Zoo might not be walking distance from Rockford, but you can still have some fun there, right from your desk by naming one of their cockroaches.

Over ten thousand roaches live at the zoo... I'm hoping it's one of their exhibits and not just an infestation problem... and you can name them just in time for Valentine's Day.

The zoo offers two different packages, one for $10 where you get to name your roach and get a digital certificate, and the other for $25 where you get to name the roach and then the zoo sends you a printed certificate along with some chocolate.

When you buy the $25 package, you also get a $12 tax deduction so that's cool too, right?

While the zoo is gearing this toward naming the roach after your current boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, I love the idea of naming it after someone you don't love so much, and sending yourself the chocolate.