One of the things I miss most about living in Wisconsin is New Glarus beer; it was pretty much the only thing I drank once I was introduced to it. But then, just a couple of weekends ago, as I was at a friend's birthday party sipping on a Totally Naked, I was reminded that Wisconsin is just a short drive away and I can get my Spotted Cow and Totally Naked at Walmart in Beloit. DUH.

In other DUH, news, I imagine that higher ups at New Glarus had a "DUH" moment when discussing new marketing ideas for the 2016 beer garden, backyard BBQ and bonfire season. New flavor? Nah. Fancy new labeling? Nope. We need something that makes the beer easier to drink on the boat and around a fire; something that's safer and more stackable than glass. Light bulb- we should put our beer in cans. DUH.

I'm sure that's not exactly how the conversation went when New Glarus decided to can their beer, but it's happening and coming first- Moon Man this summer and Spotted Cow to follow shortly after. The made the announcement on Instagram.

Would you drive to Beloit for canned New Glarus? I'd give it the good old college try.