If you've ever felt your significant other might be cheating on you, they might be predisposed to it due to where they work.

That is if you believe a recent study from The Sun who lists nine different jobs where cheaters are likely to be employed.

Surprisingly, those who work in the financial field took the top spot. The article lists bankers, brokers, and analysts as examples.

The Sun states over 5,000 women were polled: "all of whom are currently cheating on their partner."

Also interesting, two thirds of cheating women do so at work but 85% say they wouldn't recommend it.

  1. Financial (bankers, brokers, analysts)
  2. Aviation (pilots, flight attendants)
  3. Healthcare (doctors, nurses)
  4. Business (CEOs, managers)
  5. Sport (athletes, coaches)
  6. Arts (musicians, models, actors, photographers)
  7. Nightlife Industry (DJs, dancers, club promoters, bar men)
  8. Communication (journalists, PR, communication)
  9. Legal (lawyers, judges)