Fans wait hours sometimes days to meet their favorite athletes. For some, they never get that chance. For others, it's right place, right time.

That's the story for this young boy who's favorite player is Chicago Blackhawks superstar, Patrick Kane.

The young boy, who went unnamed in a Facebook post by his mother Shannon Mercer, waited for Kane to arrive at the hotel he was staying in while on a road trip in Calgary a few days ago.

As fate would have it, the young boy ended up seeing Kane hop off the team bus and that's when the charitable Kane sprang into action.

According to Mercer's Facebook post:

"My boy was standing on the front steps of the hotel you were staying at in Edmonton today, anxiously awaiting a glimpse of you. When the bus pulled up, he said he could feel his heart beating and when you came down the steps of that bus, you could have ignored my 8 year old who waiting to see you with stars in his eyes, but you didn't."

From there, Kane signed the young boys hat, and hockey stick that he was carrying around.

The Chicago Blackhawks Facebook page noticed the story too and mentioned to Mercer, "Hi Shannon, Patrick has seen your post and enjoyed meeting your son. Thanks for sharing!"


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