Thinking of ideas for your newborn baby's first photo shoot can cause a lot of anxiety for parents. Where should you get them done? What should your baby wear? What kind of theme should you have? There's just so much that needs to be considered.

Then there's those parts of the photo shoot that you forget to consider, like the moment your new bundle of joy poos on on your lap or spits up in your mouth. Have you prepared yourself for that?

No one can actually prepare for those unexpected moments, you just have to make the best of them and accept that they do make for some pretty hilarious and unforgettable memories.

Just ask one-week-old Lynlee's mom, Alyssa, who says this photo of her precious baby girl proves that she's definitely hers. Lynlee not only gave her photographer, Emily, the finger once, but twice during her very first photo shoot.

EWauc Photography

She's even smiling about it.

EWauc Photography

I think this is Lynlee's way of saying, "Look at me world, I'm one week old and already have zero effs to give."

Too cute.

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