Some Cubs fans risked the jinx to line up at Dick's Sporting Goods last night before the game was even over, and the store is still filled with eager fans hoping to wear their Cubs shirts to work.

I'm totally one of them.

Michelle, Townsquare Media

While I didn't plan on going to the store immediately after the biggest baseball game in my life, I did plan to go at six this morning. I would've been there but the fog was way too intense, so I waited an hour and a half to get my Cubs gear.

I talked to one of the employees while I was there, Andrea, and she was there after the win last night, too.

Andrea told me she was in the back unpacking boxes, so nervous that when she unpacked them she was jinxing the team. But, thankfully Andrea's unpacking couldn't stop the Cubbies.

Pictures are all over social media of the long lines that formed last night at about 8 or 9 p.m.

Andrea said the line was wrapped around Burlington, and the store stayed open until about 2 a.m. Luckily they only had to turn a few people away, before they closed the store to re-open again at 6.

I loved being able to go to the store and see the only fans excited for this huge Cubs win. It's like a club we all belong too, and it's pretty much the best club ever.

In case you're wondering, I bought these two shirts...and the hat (I don't wear hats)... and a pennant. The Cubs don't win the World Series every day, you know.


The Dick's employees assured me that they will continue to get shipments all week, in case you're stuck in bed with a hangover today.