When I was in grade school I remember being so envious of the kids that got to walk to school. Maybe it was because I got picked on on the bus or the fact that all the homes within walking distance of the school were these beautiful ranch homes and ramblers that I so desperately wanted to live in; but I just wanted to have that kind of freedom.

To skip down the sidewalk with your friends, taking in the fresh fall air and talking about what you have in your lunchbox is pretty much a thing of the past; but it doesn't have to be.

According to WREX, the state of Illinois wants to encourage your children to walk to school, if they can, even if it's just for one day. Next Wednesday, October 5th, is "Walk to School Day." 130 schools participated last year and the hope is that walking to school will encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for your kids.

IDOT encourages you to plan in advance if there's any concerns about safety; you can even accompany them if you have the time or designate someone to walk with them like below.