Raise your hand if your child is at an age where they're starting to get just a little suspicious about who Santa is? Not only are they suspicious, but they're smart and the interrogating has begun. Who is Santa? Are you really Santa? If he's real, then how does he fit down our chimney? If we don't have a chimney, then how does he get in? So.Many.Questions.

If you're either not prepared to answer all those questions, or you simply aren't ready for your kids to grow up and find out the truth, there is something that can help. Well, two things- my friend Shayla's theory: stop believing- stop getting. She says "my kids will believe til they move out!"

Or, according to Good Housekeeping, there's a website, Capture the Magic, that let's you insert a photo of Santa next to your Christmas tree, and it looks pretty cool...and real.

It's pretty easy to use- you just upload a photo of your tree, then drag and drop a sticker of Santa right into the photo.

There's also an app that let's you do the same thing. Check out some of these photos from I Caught Santa.