'Cheers' is headed to Broadway in Chicago, and a Rockford native is directing the show.

Just yesterday Sweet Lenny and I were talking about Broadway in Chicago shows. With all the hoopla about "Hamilton" heading this way, we were investigating other shows taking the stage.

Get this, "Cheers" is coming to Broadway in Chicago. What a fun idea, right? Here's the bonus fun news, the director of the show is from Rockford!

Happy Rockford got a chance to talk to Matt Lenz about his background in Rockford and his experience directing the show.

Matt's parents still live in the area and he's excited to be able to visit with them while the show runs in Chicago, which is from now until October 23. It started in Boston, which of course makes complete sense.

You can get tickets to see "Cheers" in Chicago and find out how audience members can be a part of the show.