The creator behind this list thinks that you will have died and gone to heaven after eating at this local restaurant.

That is if you're Lea Monroe who writes for Only In Your State, where she outlined 10 different pizza joints in Illinois you need to try before you die.

The list includes three places in Chicago:

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, Pequod's Pizza, and Vito and Nick's Pizzeria.

There are a couple of outliers as well, Harris Pizza located in Rock Island landed at the top of the list, while Quatro's Deep Pan Pizza in Carbondale came in at #7.

However, there was only one pizza place located in Rockford (two if you include Anna's Pizza in Winnebago).

Lino's on E. State was ranked #3 according to the list. Monroe says about Lino's:

A Leaning Tower of Pisa inspired restaurant - does it get any more Italian than this? At Lino's you'll be able to enjoy eye-catching decor alongside with wonderful and friendly service that will keep you coming back for more"

What do you think? Should Lino's be on a "pizza bucket list?"


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