The first Presidential debate is tonight, and regardless who you support, Donald Trump is a thing.

For the past year or so Donald Trump has been a political lightning rod and despite his national exposure before his run for the presidency, there are still things people don't know about him.

Thankfully, Estately is there to help us. They wanted to find out the most Trump related Google searches from each state. From there they would decide which state Googled what more than any other when talking about Trump.

According to Estately:

We carefully chose a variety of terms and topics representing Trump business ventures, his various supporters, his many false statements and invented nicknames, the Trump-related questions people frequently search, and many more."

Estately used Google Trends to narrow down the state with the most specific Trump related Google searches.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Here are the 7 Trump things people from Illinois Google the most:

  1. Donald Trump fascist
  2. Who is NATO?
  3. What is NATO?
  4. Why is Trump orange?
  5. Trump merchandise
  6. Why do people vote for Trump?
  7. Dennis Rodman

Look at the top Trump Google search in Alabama. Are you serious Alabama?

[H/T BroBible]