Do you know what this weekend is? If you don't, I bet your kids do! They have a 3 day weekend off from school, possibly even 4.

It's Columbus day on Monday. Many of you adults might also have 3 day weekends if you're a banker, a postal worker, or a teacher. So what are you going to do on this gorgeous Fall weekend? Some of you may be thinking of going to Starved Rock. Well just know you're not the only one. A lot of people may have the same idea. In fact, this weekend will be the busiest weekend of the year for the state park, according to

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Here are all the details that you need to know if you are planning on making the trip to Utica.

  • Arrive early
  • Follow the directions of law enforcement officers.
  • The parking lot may fill up and be closed until parking spaces become available.
  • Do not park along the roads or highways. You will be towed.
  • Follow all park rules.
  • Clean up your trash.
  • Lodge parking is reserved for people staying at the lodge or that have brunch reservations.
  • Stay updated online.

Have a fabulous weekend no matter what you do. And don't forget to thank Christopher.