Before you start that New Year's diet, try one of these limited edition Tuxedo lattes from Starbucks.

I remember last year thinking there needs to be a name for the week between Christmas and New Year, but I don't think I found one... maybe this year it is "Tuxedo Week."

That's true, at least at Starbucks.

To celebrate the week leading up to New Year's Day, Starbucks has introduced three new Tuxedo drinks.

Named Tuxedo because of their combo of white and dark chocolate, the drinks come in hot, cold and frappuccino for the coffee lovers out there, and in hot chocolate, too.

I tried the drink yesterday with my mom, but I wish I would've gotten one of the cold drinks so I could actually see the Tuxedo "decor."

According to Starbucks, the drinks should look like this, though if you get a hot one, you might not notice the toppings.


It was definitely delicious, but very heavy in the chocolate department, but sweeter than a regular mocha.

The drinks will be in Starbucks locations through the first of the year.