Congrats to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mr. Belden from Jean McNair Elementary school in Winnebago.

For being so fabulous, Mr. Belden got Cupcakes from Sugar Jones, Flowers from Broadway Florist and $50 in services from Xeno Salon & Spa.

The winning nomination came from Keli Stahl, Keli writes:

Mr. Belden is my daughter's 5th grade math teacher this year. He comes in early every morning so if any of the kids in his class had problems with last night's homework they can meet with him and get help. He also has class dojos for his class so we can communicate about math assignments. Every time I've sent him a message he replies almost immediately, even when it's after school hours. It's not often that you find male teachers that are caring and very understanding when the kids have questions. He goes above and beyond to explain math in a way that all the kids can understand and he truly deserves to be the 97ZOK teacher of the Week every week!!!!!