Congrats to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mr. Rollins from Washington Academy in Rockford.

Mr. Rollins scored cupcakes from Sugar Jones, a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist and $50 in services at Xeno Salon and Spa.

The winning nomination wished to remain anonymous; they write:

"As my son would say, "Mr. Rollins rocks!!! He is the best and everyone wants to be in his class. I know why now. Not only does he value each and every student's individuality, he encourages all of his students to optimize their learning while teaching them to be independent and accountable. He would go the extra mile at any time to help students and parents exceed their goals. Mr. Rollins is a talented teacher who makes learning fun and has the ability to engage his students at all levels to achieve great outcomes. Below is just one example of his class activities and there are plenty more.

Washington Teacher to Shave Head: Washington Academy students in Mr. Rollins' fifth grade class wrote more than 500,000 words through National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Students set this goal in October, before any writing had begun. Mr. Rollins promised the students he would shave his head and wear a wig if they were successful. He'll shave his head - with help from Gary Schroeder from East State Barber Stylists - at 10 a.m. Monday, Dec. 7, in Room 215 at Washington Academy.

He truly is a gifted teacher who deserves to be recognized for 97ZOK'S Teacher of the Week, the month, the year, the universe. Can we clone him???

Thank you."