Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Fey from Holy Family Catholic School in Rockford.

Mrs. Fey scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Jennifer Lassandro, mother of one of Mrs.Fey's students.

Jennifer writes:

Mrs. Fey should definitely be your Teacher of the Week for many, many reasons. First of all, she loves these kids like her very own! She has four kids of her own, but her first graders have a special place in her heart. This is Mrs. Fey's first year as the first grade teacher at Holy Family Catholic School, but you would think it's her 20th. Her classroom is so cute and creative, very organized, and full of hands-on activities. Mrs. Fry has a heart of gold. She knows each and every student so well and always knows what's best for them. She uses words like "lovey" and "sweetie."

Mrs. Fey CARES so much-not just about her student’s academics but about their overall well-being. She's a mom so she gets it!!! The kids just love her, respect her, and learn so much from her. She teaches morals and values without the kids even knowing it, and she never ever raises her voice. She doesn't need to because her children know what to expect and respect her. Lastly, Mrs. Fey touches lives and has touched my sons and many, many others! Please make Mrs. Fey 97ZOK'S Teacher of the Week...if not, there will be a lot of sad first graders at Holy Family School."