Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Long from Spring Creek Elementary.

Mrs. Long scored delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones and beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist.

The winning nomination came from Cyndi Mavis. Cyndi writes:

"Mrs. Long was my son's teacher 4 years ago when he was in 2nd grade. My son has autism and she was always an amazing teacher and one of the only people to be an advocate for him.

My daughter started kindergarten there this year and I found out that Mrs. Long is now a kindergarten teacher and my daughter has the amazing luck of being in her class. When we walked into the classroom before school, she immediately remembered my son and even remembered the books he liked to read 4 years prior when she taught him and went and pulled them out of her book box! She is an amazing teacher and it's very touching that she remembered my son after all these years and still remembers what he likes.

We had some emotional times together in my son's transition out of public school to a therapeutic day school and we cried together a time or two over it. She is absolutely amazing and Spring Creek and Rockford are lucky to have her! Please consider this wonderful woman, teacher, mother, and wife as 97zok’s teacher of the week. She definitely deserves it!"

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