Congrats to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Rodriguez from Barbour Language Academy.

We hooked up Mrs. Rodriguez with Cupcakes from Sugar Jones, Flowers from Broadway Florist and $50 in services from Xeno Salon & Spa.

The winning nomination came from Tamika Gomez. Tamika writes:

The past few years have been hard try to get my son to want to go to school. But this year is different. He tells me his teacher is awesome and wants to go, he even gets mad when he has to stay home if he's sick.
She's kindhearted and cares about her kids and how they are doing in class. She doesn't wait until conference to show concern or to inform me of how my son is doing. She saw what my son was needing help with and we are working together to make sure he succeeds. She is making learning for my son fun again.
I will forever be grateful to her for her help so far this year and for the rest of the school year. I'm hoping this will show her how much my son and I appreciate her and all her hard work."