Congratulations to our newest ‘Teacher of the Week’, Mrs. Taylor from Stephen Mack Middle School

Mrs. Taylor got hooked up with cupcakes from Sugar Jones, flowers from Broadway Florists and $50 in services from Xeno Salon & Spa.

The winning nomination came from Katie Carmack, Katie writes:

I think Mrs. Taylor should be teacher of the week because she's an amazing teacher that’s not afraid to go above and beyond to help her students.

I am the mother of 4 kids in the Rockton school district and although they have had many wonderful teachers each year, Mrs. Taylor has been there supporting my most difficult child from the very beginning of the school year. My son has had many difficult years. He's a very smart kid that gets above average test scores but he doesn't focus long enough to do homework or even turn in finished homework.

 I have had many teachers come to me and tell me I need to help him out but there’s only so much help I can give from home. Mrs. Taylor has been there all year for both of us. Within the first 2wks of school she called me multiple times to make sure we were on the same page and letting me know if Anthony had a bad day in school and had an overabundance in homework that would need to get completed at home. Many years I’ve had teachers tell me he needs to get such and such assignment completed but it never finds its way home for me to make him complete it. Mrs. Taylor has made changes at school to help with Anthony’s needs. She made more suggestions at our most recent school conferences.
 I'm just so happy she is right there trying to help make my son a better student.  Mrs. Taylor is right there to help us when we need it. I am very grateful for her being his teacher this year and hope there’s more Mrs. Taylors in the years to come because he needs her support.

I'm so happy she sees the potential in her students even when they have a hard time showing themselves."