Congrats to 97 ZOK’s new Teacher of the Week, Ms. Phillips from Aldrich Intermediate School in Beloit.

Miss Dunker scored delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones, and beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist.

The winning nomination came from Anahi Guzman. Anahi writes:

My teacher has such a caring heart! I'm in high school now and I don't get to tell her how much I appreciate her anymore, but if she wins this award she would know that every student at Aldrich appreciates her and loves her as much as I do! Ms. Phillips cares so much about her students, if someone is sad she manages to make their day a tiny bit better.

When you first meet Ms. Phillips her personality it's like a great big warm welcoming hug. It sucks being in high school not seeing my favorite teacher but she still manages on checking up with me and see how my day is going, not every teacher would do that for their students! Thank you for everything Ms. Phillips."